In these unprecedented times we are challenged to devise new strategies to accomplish our regular tasks. Like working from home – many of us have been challenged to accomplish our office work at home minus all of our tech tools, PLUS the chaos of children at home.  And what about grocery shopping?  Maybe you have switched to online ordering and delivery. (with positive or negative results – eeks!)

We are developing new paths to the same endpoint.

At PhysioSphere – we have adapted as well!  The constraints of social distancing pose barriers to our Registered Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists performing manual therapy and hands on tissue work – BUT we do have the technology to connect with you via web conference.  We have tools to point you in the right direction with self-care or a develop a home exercise program with video support.

We promise this will workout better than delegating your produce selection to someone else?

For instructions on how to book or to be directed to your preferred healthcare provider email: