A client recently asked me how late into pregnancy a woman can continue to run? In the phrasing of her question she actually stated, “Doesn’t it feel like the baby is bouncing on your bladder?” wondering the ramifications of running late into pregnancy i.e. potential bladder leakage.

With the birth of my daughter who was born in October 2016, I ran until the 8th month of pregnancy with the ultimate contributing factor to stopping being fatigue.

In terms of the baby bouncing away on your bladder like a trampoline – in normal circumstances this should not happen. Our abdominal core in conjunction with our pelvic floor (see diagram), constructs a sling to support and suspend the baby so that there is no direct contact with the bladder.

However, several issues can contribute to insufficiency of the abdominal core or pelvic floor so that this suspension mechanism does not work effectively, for example, any prior abdominal surgery including a C-section or previous trauma to the pelvic floor from pregnancy and delivery.

I recommend that women intending to run throughout pregnancy perform some core strengthening exercises during pregnancy or ideally during the prenatal period.

During pregnancy you should not exercise if you have known incompetent cervix, placental rupture or experience vaginal bleeding or contractions. It is always best to consult a healthcare practioner prior/during exercise.

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